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Intellij – Add actions in VCS Operations popup

A while back I wrote about some cool intellij shortcuts.

One thing I was missing was how to add more actions. I was missing three that I often use:

  • pull
  • fetch
  • rebase

Finally I cracked it. Here’s how to add more actions:

Open Settings –> Appearance & Behavior:

Now click on “Menues and Toolbars” and exapnd “VCS Operations Popup” (it’s the last option for me):

Now click on one of the existing actions that is not a folder. “Show History” for example and then click on the `+` next to the search bar in the upper portion of this window:

Choose Add Action. You can now search for actions like “fetch”, “pull”, “rebase” etc.

Add as many actions as you like.

You can then re-order these as you wish.

This is my view now:

Now when you type: ctrl+` you get these options in the VCS Operations popup.